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everything you want to know about syracuse university (from students) | margot lee

This video was made for high school seniors in mind and I hope its helpful!! If you know of any highschool seniors/ juniors considering Cuse, pass this on :)

More questions were answered in the comments of this IG post:
And you can check out my own experiences on this playlist:

A huge THANK YOU to everyone involved. You are amazing! If people's IG @ were included, that means they gave me permission and you can DM them with questions about what they spoke about. Please know it is finals week for us so they might not have time to get back to you!
Two other accounts to reach out to for questions-

Annie (she was supposed to be in this video but the footage was somehow corrupted): @anniehagopian
and SU 100 (students who work in admissions and are happy to answer questions):



twitter: margot__lee
instagram: margot. lee ( )
tumblr: fresca-vida
snapchat: MargotLeeSnap
SoundCloud: Margot Lee
Spotify: Margot Lee

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Age: 21 (when this video is being posted)
School: Syracuse University
Major: Advertising
Height: Almost 5'9"!
This video is not sponsored
kallie bauter : Thank you for doing this! I'm a senior in high school and am definitely struggling to choose colleges because I can't visit, so this is very helpful!!
Dorset Deb : SU is a liberal cesspool. im sad how far its fallen
Kate Lee : So are we just not gonna talk abt how aggressively white this video is & how she has an extremely overwhelming amount of white friends and a huge lack of friends that are POC ?? You should show ALL experiences, not just white with just one POC.
sdgh51 : Hey, check out this racist picture of Congressman John Katko that the media is covering up --->>>>>>
Prophet YouTube : Oh, did you know they promote Marxism, shame white people, promote racism? Well here you go, pure Marxist professors doing what they do at Syracuse University...
Kayla Modilevsky : Ahh thank u so much for this! I was thinking of applying to Syracuse when I’m a senior and this video is so helpful!
Sofia Chamat : Is the Latino/Hispanic community big?
Jade Moscato : I'm incredibly indecisive and regretting turning down my Newhouse acceptance letter now lol. I panicked and went to the school that offered me the most amount of $$ - my advice to people in high school is to start looking at colleges early no matter how much it stresses you out haha.
Dominica C : Hi, rising senior at SU here! While Cuse is a great school and a lot of people do have amazing experiences, I feel like all sides of people’s experiences aren’t really shown. I can’t claim to know everything, since I’ll never truly understand as a white woman, but I think it’s important to address the fact that this past school year (and also, like, every other year, but 2019-2020 especially) has been very rough for minority students. There have been countless days and nights of students and faculty peacefully protesting the racism and bigotry on campus and the lack of response/insufficient responses by DPS (dept of public safety) and the chancellor. While it is empowering to see students take initiative, it’s extremely heartbreaking that it had to happen in the first place. If anyone wants to learn more, I definitely suggest checking out @/NotAgainSU on social media (twitter,instagram)
Mirjahon Turdiev : It was a nice surprise to see Mackenzie on this video :-)

Syracuse University from Above

Syracuse University's 19th century architecture captured from above with cutting edge drone and time lapse technology.

DJI Inspire 1 -
Michron Time Lapse Device -

Special thanks to the Skyworks Project for all of your assistance.
Prophet YouTube : Don't they promote Marxism, shame white people, and promote racism? And Marxist professors doing what they do at Syracuse University...
Unruly Visuals : Do I have permission to use a few seconds of this video for a promo video on instagram, will provide full credit!
Cream He A-Z : This was amazing
prskyguy : My safety school
Jim Rafferty : Why the scratchy and terrible music? Unwatchable!
Dzulgunar Muhammad Nasir : beautiful as always.
Rodrigo SancheMou : Hello, whats up? 
First of all...I need to tell u I loved your video on youtube. All the images r amazing, u really do a great job.
I have a question...
My name is Rodrigo Sanchemou, I'm Brazilian/ Italian, and I just started with my Youtube channel a few months ago... I love to visit new places and show the best part of my trips...

so... I spend 3 months in Syracuse, omg!! Amazing place and I loved...really appreciated it! 
So... I would to ask you... I recorded some videos there, and I'm editing my video for a next chapter there in New York, will be a fast video and I was wondering if can I use 2 takes of your video...
My question is...should be amazing if I can use some parts (drone parts) of your videos too... if u want, Sure! And I will put your channel on the credits, your name if u want...I will put all credit about (drone images) for u.
I hope you like it, and let me know what do you think! I think it should be an amazing idea for u and me! 
ps: you can see some of my videos on my channel, I love edition and new themes! 
let me know! Thanks! 

Rodrigo Sanchemou
Joe Wilson : Hi Chase, Would you be willing to permit me to use a few 7 - 12 second sections of your video in the video I'm making from bringing my son to Syracuse the other day? I'll add a reference to your youtube channel at the bottom of the screen to give you full credit in each instance. Your drone footage adds a wicked cool perspective. Joe
jeff walther : Nice overheads!! should do one with 2 feet of snow on the ground!!
Utkarsh Singh : 0:48 Cool Shots man!!

Syracuse University Campus Tour

Syracuse University has so much to offer!
Devonté Morrison : Sending in application, now.
Rob Deneen : It’s decided, Syracuse it is.
Heladería Vía Toscana : LMAOOOOO WHAT IS THIS
katie zeck : y does this make me want to go to syracuse now?
Finnean the Fantastic Cat : the end lmaooo
Prashant Patel : One of the best decision in my career - studying at Syracuse. It has the perfect blend of study and fun ranging from amazing architectural buildings, super nice professors, awesome staffs, decent food options and fun house parties.
I did my masters in Computer Science here and got great in-depth knowledge about my area of interest - Software Applications. Also I made really good friends whom I am still touch with and often hangout with them during weekends ( even after 3-4 years ).
Honk the honk : A university that indoctrinates socialist snowflakes and pursues false rape charges under Title IX.
Paula Livoti : Syracuse University sucks.. especially the basketball team sucks more..especially when they suck up too politicians ass..they suck a flatuence out of Hillary ..holes
Mahinda Githaiga : I would have like to have gone for an exchange programme to Syracuse
truth and common sense warrior : DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS INSTITUTION IF YOU'RE WHITE.




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